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Re: infomagic

On Fri, Jul 23, 1999 at 11:12:05AM -0400, Kenneth Scharf wrote:
> The reason they no longer put Debian on their linux toolkit cd's (they
> say) is that at 4 cd's it is now too large.  So they now have a
> SEPARATE debian 4 cd set.  The latest (2.1r0x) will be out in August at
> $15 (plus postage).  You can subscribe for updates at $10 a pop. 
> Hopefully, the August release will be followed very shortly by the 2.2
> release? (In a few months anyway).  This is an OFFICIAL Debian release.
>  Their web page still shows the 'ol blue eyes' logo on the CD.  Someone
> should tell them about the new logo?

You know, I don't mean to rain on your parade too much, but I've read 2
messages from you on different subjects talking about Potato being
released "soon"...

Let me start by saying whoever told you this was POSSIBLE is on crack.
Why can we not release "soon"?

  * Our boot disks don't work anymore
  * We need to fix the cdrom layout
  * Potato's perl is inconsistant, at best
  * We have almost THREE HUNDRED release critical bugs that must be fixed
    prior to release
  * The archive maintainers haven't had time to process the manual stuff
    in incoming for what feels like ages but is probably more like a
    couple of weeks
  * dinstall seems to be broken/breaking
  * Our mirrors are out of sync
  * We need a reasonable testing period after we've fixed the above

To everyone expecting a September release, WAKE UP!  It's NOT going to
happen.  It's NOT possible, not that soon.  I think if we shoot for having
it out by the holidays it could be done, however we've seen what happens
if it's not done by December---everyone goes on vacation and nothing gets
done until February.  =p

Joseph Carter <knghtbrd@debian.org>             Debian GNU/Linux developer
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<jim> Lemme make sure I'm not wasting time here... bcwhite will remove
      pkgs that havent been fixed that have outstanding bugs of severity
      "important".  True or false?
<JHM> jim: "important" or higher.  True.
<jim> Then we're about to lose ftp.debian.org and dpkg :)
* netgod will miss dpkg -- it was occasionally useful
<Joey> We still have rpm....

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