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Re: exmh installation

> OK this is a new user question... but I checked the man pages, the docs and
> the Web pages on this issue and came up dry.
> According to the manual/web pages on exmh, once I have all the proper
> software installed (I do) I can run
> 	wish -f exmh.install
> according to the README.exmh I am to type
> 	wish exmh.install
> The exmh file is a script file (see www.beedub.com/exmh/)
> however I can't find the script in the package or on the drive. Would
> someone point me in the right direction here?

Are you using the Debian exmh package, or installing exmh directly from 

On my system (using the Debian exmh package), /usr/bin/exmh is the wish 
script itself, and it is set up so that all I have to do to run it is 
just type:


and it automatically runs it as a wish script.

Also, if it is a Debian package, you can check the file 
/var/lib/dpkg/info/<package>.list, and get a listing of all files 
"owned" by <package>.

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