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Re: giving gnome a try

>> "JonesMB" == JonesMB  <jonesmb@ziplink.net> wrote:

JonesMB> It would be nice if downloading gnome would suggest that
JonesMB> Window Maker or some other compatible Window manager.  I
JonesMB> attempted to use gnome, then decided to download Window
JonesMB> Maker.

As someone already said: there is a task-gnome-wm package.

JonesMB> task-gnome-desktop wants esound
JonesMB> esound tells me : 
JonesMB> Depends: libesd0 (= 0.2.10-0.19990424.0.1.slink.1) but 
JonesMB> 0.2.10-0.19990424.6.2 is installed

JonesMB> Where am I supposed to find the exact version of libesd0
JonesMB> (0.2.10-0.19990424.0.1.slink.1) that esound wants?

It is where you get the other GNOME stuff from. There you also find
the windowmaker version you should use.

You obviously have a line in sources.list pointing to a source with a
more recent libesd0 (and other things I suppose). Comment this line
and run apt-get update. Maybe you can also install a newer esound
package, but this may lead to even more downloads, if you have to
update packages that need some specific version of esound.

Beware, GNOME in unstable is in a somewhat broken state! If you start
gnome-name-server in .xsession, it should work again though.


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