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FW: Re: Nics that don't work?

-----FW: Re: Nics that don't work?-----

Date: Thu, 15 Jul 1999 10:07:06 -0000 (/etc/localtimeøï_Dôÿ¿Ïü__
From: wim@netmaster.ca
To: Sera Hill <sera.hill@sympatico.ca>
Subject: Re: Nics that don't work?

What do you mean with the graphics side of things?  To install netscape, simple
untar it with 'tar -xvfz communicator.tar.gz', go to the new directory that is
created by this, and run './ns-install'.  

If you need help, send to the debian-user list, not individuals on the list.

The are hundreds of helpful people on the list that can help with any aspect of
your linux system.  Be sure to supply enough information, such as error

On 15-Jul-99 Sera Hill wrote:
> I've been having troubles with working on the configuration of my connection
> with the graphics side of things.  Can you help me out?  Basically, I can't
> get mail from my server and I'm having difficulties with installing
> netscape.  Is there anything you can recommend I do?  Or should I check in
> different places for stuff?  Do you need more information?
> -Sera
> sera.hill@sympatico.ca
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>>I have had a D-Link 220 working fine before.  If you can't figure out the
> irq,
>>io, etc, run Windows and grab it from there.  Some cards have DOS utilities
> to
>>switch from pnp to non-pnp, and/or set the irq, io, etc manually.
>>Run modconf.  for the above card, ne2000 should work fine.

 Wim Kerkhoff              

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 Wim Kerkhoff              

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