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Re: deb sources with apt

*- On 12 Jul, Norbert Bous wrote about "deb sources with apt"
> Hi folks,
> what line should I use to get Debian sources with apt-get?
> Norbert

This is what I have been using to grab potato sources for my slink
system. Not all mirror's carry sources so find the closest mirror that
has sources.

deb-src http://debian.midco.net/debian potato main contrib non-free

Then cd to a some place like /usr/local/src and execute

apt-get update; apt-get source <package_name>

if you want to build the Debian package automatically add a --compile

apt-get --compile source <package_name>.

You will need to have the appropriate -dev packages installed since
source depends are not available yet and you will also need the
dpkg-dev package to build the debian packages from the source.

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