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Re: Toshiba Mouse Problem

On 09 Jul 1999, Stanley J. Benes wrote:
> Hi all.
> I'm using 2.1 (slink?) on a Toshiba satellite pro 410CDT laptop. It has a built
> in mouse-like device called an accu-point.
> I've been trying to use gpm with the built in device without success. I read a
> few web pages about the toshiba and its mouse, and I've tried just about every
> gpm combonation (e.g., -t ps2, nrc others).
> Has anyone had success getting the built in mouse to work on this type of
> machine? I'm a new user to Debian (and Linux for that matter), so I'd
> appreciate any advice that can help educate me.
> Thanks.
> Stan Benes
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Have a look at my website: www.achc.demon.co.uk/linux/ 

for advice about installing Linux on the Toshiba Satellite, including
getting the pointer to work.

BTW it seems that Toshiba are having second thoughts and are beginning to
offer support for Linux :-)


Anthony Campbell - running Linux Debian 2.1 (Windows-free zone)
Book Reviews: www.achc.demon.co.uk/bookreviews/

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Moves on..."   - Edward Fitzgerald (Rubaiat of Omar Khayyam)

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