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Star Office 5.1 with Slink?

Matthew Dalton writes:
 > Has anyone used Star Office 5.1 with Slink, or any other glibc2.0 based
 > distribution?
 > Star Office 5.1 was released to fix problems with SO5.01 and glibc2.1,
 > but is it still compatible with glibc2.0?

I downloaded it, but the install program apparently has a fatal bug.
I tried sending a "bug report" to them, but I just got an auto reply
to the effect that "if you haven't sent us money, you're on your own
for support," which wasn't the point of my email anyway.

So, I'd also like to know if anyone has downloaded it and successfully 
installed it.


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Grace Lutheran Church (ELS)     http://www.jvlnet.com/~jjacobsen/
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