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Re: Thanks

Gerald.Preissler@gmx.de writes:
 > 1. There is something in your already installed linux that prevents the install from
 > running again. This should easily be solved by formating the partitions you are
 > installing to during setup ( = create new filesystem on partition

Definitely doublecheck this.  As you mentioned, Max, if you don't
leave enough space on the partition where /usr ends up being located,
you'll have big problems.  So if your /dev/hda5 (was it?) is not
formatted and mounted as /usr (if that's what you wanted) then /usr
will end up in your root partition.

 > Oh, and as to your modem problem : Which kernel are you using? The /dev/ttyx becomes
 > obsolete with the 2.2.x series, replaced by /dev/cuax. Could this
 > be your problem?

I'm not entirely sure that this is a possibility: I'm using the 2.2.x
series with all /dev/ttyS* devices, no /dev/cua* devices.


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