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Re: Managing a hybrid slink/potato Debian installation

On Wed, Jul 07, 1999 at 10:43:39AM +0200, Sami Dalouche wrote:

> I don't know but it's a bad idea !
> Wmaker, X11amp, gnome & wine depends on glibc2.1. So, if you install one of
> these packages, you'll get the libc6_2.1 package. In other words, if you
> have the glibc2.1, you can upgrade to potato. It's as unstable as a slink
> with glibc2.1.

Partial upgrades work fine - you'll end up running glibc2.1, but
virtually all glibc2.0 applications will work with it.  There are a few
exceptions, mostly in non-free apps.  I ran a system like this for quite
some time without any hassle.

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