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Re: Basic networking

I have purchased several "hub kits" at 100Mb that sold for the same
price as 10Mb kits (same number of ports/same brand).  I suspect that
from a manufacturing standpoint that the 10Meg stuff is "obsolete".

OTOH I still agree with you in that there is no point in paying a 
premium for a 100Meg hub for "typical" 3 computer networks (though even
that consideration should consider how the machines will be used with
fileserver use "pressing" for the higher speed link).

Nothing scientific of course but my own impressing doing NFS installs
over both 10 and 100Mb links is that while the 100Mb is noticably faster
it sure isn't anywhere even close to ten times faster.

Slower machines may have to have a special option compiled into the 
kernel to make the link work reliabily (even for 10Mb much less 100).

On Tue, Jul 06, 1999 at 07:17:11AM -0400, Ipswitch wrote:
> On 5 Jul 1999, Gary L. Hennigan wrote:
> > I'm going to be setting up a small 100Mb home network soon and I'd
> Why 100Mb? 10 is fast enough for most uses and is actually faster than
> most machines can push bits out the interface.

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