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Re: Just my opinion

At 17:11 05.07.1999 EDT, you wrote:
>FTI--  After three weeks of fruitlessly working with Debian 2.1, I have
>come to this conclusion:  Debian is free because it's WORTHLESS!  It
>won't drive your printer, it won't detect your modem, the documentation
>is incomplete, out of date, or simply wrong, and the installation
>procedure has more bugs than a Southeast Asian streetlight. Whatever the
>advantages of a Linux-type OS may be, no one with a life has the hundreds
>of hours obviously required to make this clunker run. 
>       Just my humble opinion. -- Max Albert


I have had tried to install SLINK 4 or 5 times without success.
I have printouts of more then 30 HOWTO's but it does not help.

I have had coosen the basic installation for a Workstation but 
they do not work whatever I do.

I do not understand the error messages and I do not know how to 
interpret them.

I can not printout anything and po to the Mailing-List, because 
the printer (Epson LQ-500) is not installabel and my WfW311 
Workstation is the same computer like the SLINK.

I have many frustrations.


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