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What's the best way to organize "small" drives


I just installed slink on a 486-100 (Windows throwaway) with 3 salvaged
drives (each 540 MB).  I partitioned them as follows:
hda1	boot	Primary	Linux	ext2	250.4MB
hda2		Primary	Linux	Swap	63.99 MB
hda3		Primary	Linux		201.8 MB
hdb1		Primary	Linux	ext2	515.82 MB
hdc1		Primary	Linux		515.82 MB

When I chose the type of system I wanted during the installation, it found
the packages and began downloading them, then ran out of disk space.  Should
I have made the boot partition larger?  Or is there a proper way to have the
packages moved or installed on one of the other partitions?  What am I
missing here?

Thanks for any help you can give to a future contributor.

David S. Forcey

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