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Re: Akkerman's idea of nonfree.debian.org

RE: Subject: dselect and contrib/non-free - DWN-6/22
> > Wichert Akkerman has proposed splitting non-free and contrib out to a
> > new server, nonfree.debian.org. The impetus for this is to emphasize
> > that they are not part of Debian, since "the distinction isn't as
> > visible as it used to be; advances in searching in the distribution
> > and tools like apt make it very hard to see when something is in main
> > and when not". The proposal will come up for a vote soon and is
> > generating lots of discussion.
> One thing that might help is if dselect does not sort purely alphabetical
> when sorting by section. contrib/* should not be between comm and devel,
> but rather be apart from main. Same thing for non-free.

I suspect that putting contrib and non-free on a different server
will make it harder for newbies like myself to get packages with
apt and harder in general to find things.  If that's correct, I
think a different approach to making a clear distinction would be

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