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Re: X-Server for AGP-7410 (Intel740 chipset)?

On Sun, Jun 20, 1999 at 08:10:32PM +1000, Revenant wrote:
> Well, after lengthy stuffing about I got X running.  Yay!
> Unfortunately, I had to enter my VGA card as an unsupported VGA card
> and it's not happy with higher than 640x480, 8-bit colour.
> Does anyone know if there's an X-Server compatible with an AGP-7410
> card (with Intel740 chipset) or conversely if there's another way to
> improve my resolution?

Support for the i740 is expected to be in XFree86 3.3.4, which is slated to
be released this month.

Until then, unfortunately, you are probably stuck with whatever you can
coax out of it.

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