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Re: Getting there

On Fri, 18 Jun 1999, Christian Dysthe wrote:

> I am not a dedicated Linux lover. I chose Debian becuase I was tired of Windoews
> pissing me off by crashing and loosing my data. Some of the Windows
> applications are brilliant pieces of software, and simple and stable to use.
> Especially some of the email clients are. I miss them! I ran mutt for a month.
> It's not that I haven't tried. I am doing fine now with my "combo", but I do
> not see any reason why easy to use/configure software should not be available?
> My girlfirend wants Debian on her machine, but she says she doesnt have time
> for all those conf files she sees me editing all the time. 
> I have gotten off list mailings that suggest I reconsider using Linux since I
> feel like I do! I knew it was coming, and it did. Something never changes. I
> am just hoping that one  change is was the availability of more
> great software on a great platform. I am not able to code, but I am willing to
> pay! :) 

I think what you are getting it is one of the biggest problems with Linux,
in a way.  Most people like Linux for it's configurability and control
over every aspect of the OS.  I know that's one of the reasons I like it.
Problem is, by packaging products like you suggest gets away from that
control and configurability and heads more towards a windows type
environment, which is something almost all Linux users want to avoid.
Linux takes a lot more time to setup than any other OS (maybe BeOS comes
close), but that's because you have so many more options.  You can't have
easy of configuration without losing control.  Atleast not well.  I agree
with most of the posts that say keeping the e-mail pieces separate is a
good idea.  It gives you that level of control and configurability you
can't find with any other major OS.  Bottom line, to use linux, you have
to WANT to put in the time to learn and configure things.  In doing so,
you also gain knowledge of how programs work and how the OS fits together.
Just my two cents.


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