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Re: Can I get the .deb files that I currently have installed.

"Mark Wright" wrote:

>                                          What I want is not the list of
> .deb's, but the .debs themselves.  

As far as I know, there is no tool to recreate .deb file from
files installed on your disk.  But it should be possible to hack in a
few hours.

>                                    What I'm trying to do is to create a ZIP
> disk which holds everything I need to replicate my setup.  If I do the
> above, I still need to get the .debs when I'm at the second machine, which
> may or may not have a network connection or a CDROM.

The `dpkg -get/set-selection' is great if you have a CDROM.  I
can hardly imagine a machine that doesn't have one...

The solution from Marc will probably work if you don't mind
uploading them again from the net-connected machine.  Else, I can
tell you how I _think_ .deb files could be rebuilt from files on
your system.


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