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Re: i want a copy of netscape 4.51

Adam Shand wrote:
> > i suspect, that you have switched to glibc2.1 and fear, that netscape
> > 4.5 now would be unstable also for you. my communicator 4.6 (linked to
> > glibc2.0) is not more unstable as my formerly communicator 4.5.
> all i did was upgrade netscape.  i didn't upgrade my libc (and in fact i've
> been running glibc2.1 for a couple months, since before 4.51 was available).

well, that sounds as if 4.6 is more sensitive to glibc2.1 than 4.5 was.

> that helps?  it crashes about 1 of 4 times i shut down a netscape window,
> and about 1 of 2 times i try and enter a password protected site ... since
> these are both things i do a lot it means i'm getting *Very* frustrated.

not so on my glibc2.0 slink. but if you want to go back to 4.5, then
there is no problem.

if i need a file, i use http://ftpsearch.lycos.com/?form=medium . just
done so for communicator-smotif-45 and found a lot of deb´s ;-)


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