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Re: ESD and x11amp

On Thu, 10 Jun 1999, Thorsten Manegold wrote:

> I have the slink version of libesd0 and esound installed, but their 
> version is not sufficient.
> The debs from the unstable branch seem to be linked to libc2.1...

Ah! i didn't stop to think of that...

Since you already have esound compiled from source, you may just want to
grab the potato sources and recompile them against glibc 2.0.

> Also I have esound (0.2.8 I think) compieled from source in 
> /usr/local but it seems like it's not found there...

Latest in potato is 0.2.10 if you feel like updating.

An advantage of compiling with the Debian diffs is that it'll generate a
deb you can install.  

In order to compile from Debian sources, you'll need the dpgk-dev package,
and the -dev packages for whatever libraries are required. You also need
the orig sources, the diffs, and the dsc from your Debian mirror.

[directions paraphrased from a README from the pine sources packages]
dpkg-source -x foo_v-d.dsc will then unpack the source and automatically
apply the patches. Then, cd to the "foo" directory and execute
debian/rules binary. .deb files will be created for you, which you can
then install with dpkg.

> Yes, but the deb-package for the  beta1.1 version is linked to libc 
> 2.1 which does not work with slink.
> Ho can I have configure find essound in /usr/local ...

You can use thes options when you invoke ./configure
  --with-esd-prefix=PFX         Prefix where ESD is installed
  --with-esd-exec-prefix=PFX    Exec prefix where ESD is installed

You could also add the proper path to LD_LIBRARY_PATH

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