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Re: LILO: Multiple drives (SCSI and IDE) LINUX and Windows

Nils Rennebarth wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 09, 1999 at 06:25:39PM -0400, Philip S. Hempel wrote:
> > Most of what I have here has come from the LILO documentation.
> > I have a IDE drive that is booting with linux. My goal is to have lilo
> > boot both windows and linux with it.
> > The linux drive is IDE the other two are SCSI.
> > I boot into windows and it will freak out for some reason and never go
> > into windows. I do an fdisk and it shows the SCSI (which is /dev/sda
> > under linux) to be on disk 1. The IDE drive to be on disk 2 (/dev/hda)
> > and the second SCSI (/dev/sdb) to be the third disk.
> > If I turn 
> >the IDE drive in the  cmos 

>> it will work fine.

> I do not understand precisely what is going on. You mean if you enable the
> IDE drive in the BIOS setup, windows works, but Linux doesn't?
> You shouldn't use the map-drive options but rather inform lilo about what
> drive is seen where by the BIOS using DISK and BIOS directives:

> disk=/dev/hda
>   bios=0x80
> disk=/dev/sda
>   bios=0x81
> disk=/dev/sdb
>   bios=0x82

That was supposed to be turn off the IDE drive. The ide drive is the
boot drive for linux. The windows drives are the SCSI drives.

I can boot into LINUX all day long no problem there. It's the windows
side that is not working and the excerpt you have from my config came
directly out of the lilo docs.

That config from the lilo docs is what put the disk in the order they
are in now. Now if I boot without lilo and on a, say a floppy, I will
see the order of the disks the way they would be normally, IDE drives
first, SCSI drives second.

If I leave the drive settings in lilo alone windows will not boot. I
will type win into lilo (my config name) and I get (not quoted)>>
starting win and nothing more.

I see what you have done was to inform lilo where all of the disks are
at but how does that affect the way windows will boot??
It would be no different (or would it?) than to just leave lilo without
anything but

lable = win
other = /dev/sda1
table = /dev/sdb

? if I am wrong please tell me!

Philip S. Hempel  mailto:pshempel@linuxhardcore.com
Linux HardCore http://www.linuxhardcore.com

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