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Re: LILO: Multiple drives (SCSI and IDE) LINUX and Windows

On Wed, Jun 09, 1999 at 06:25:39PM -0400, Philip S. Hempel wrote:
> Most of what I have here has come from the LILO documentation.
> I have a IDE drive that is booting with linux. My goal is to have lilo
> boot both windows and linux with it.
> The linux drive is IDE the other two are SCSI.
> I boot into windows and it will freak out for some reason and never go
> into windows. I do an fdisk and it shows the SCSI (which is /dev/sda
> under linux) to be on disk 1. The IDE drive to be on disk 2 (/dev/hda)
> and the second SCSI (/dev/sdb) to be the third disk.
> If I turn the IDE drive in the  cmos and it will work fine.
I do not understand precisely what is going on. You mean if you enable the
IDE drive in the BIOS setup, windows works, but Linux doesn't?

You shouldn't use the map-drive options but rather inform lilo about what
drive is seen where by the BIOS using DISK and BIOS directives:



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