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Re: 8MB PCI 1600x1200@76Hz video card suggestion?

Kenneth Scharf wrote:

> >I have a PCI Matrox Millenium 2 MB video card (2 years >old) and
> >now I find I really want 32 bit colour.  I tried to >find a Matrox
> >Millenium G200 PCI 8 MB card, but only AGP ones are >available
> >(PCI is in back-order).
> >Any suggestions for an 8MB card well-supported by >XFree PCI that
> >can do 32bit-colour at 1600x1200 and 76Hz?
> Is your Millenium card upgradeable?  

Yes, but (1) I couldn't find an upgrade for it a year ago, and
(2) it uses WRAM and the 6 MB upgrade used to cost more than a
newer G200 card anyway.

>                                      I have the 8m version of the same
> card and it does the resolutions you want.  (I paid about $60 for it
> because it was discontinued old stock at a computer show).

> BTW have you tried to run linux svga doom on yours?  It causes mine to
> lock up with no video and I have to reboot.  

Never tried.  I use it at work.

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