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Re: Unwanted Graphical Login and other woes...

*- On  9 Jun, Andrew J Fortune wrote about "Unwanted Graphical Login and other woes..."
> I don't know what I have done, but Linux (using slink) is now booting up to
> a graphical login. This is not what I want at the moment, and I was
> wondering if anyone knew what the problem might be ? .... this is not
> normally a problem, but I am trying to resolve other problems associated
> with startx and file resolution....and this is not allowing me to test some
> things.

Sounds like xdm is installed and thus starting up as the system boots.
Probably the easist thing to do is remove the xdm package.  Use
dselect, apt or dpkg.  

As root issue the command:

dpkg --remove xdm

If you don't wan't remove it but just disable it, as root issue the

update-rc.d -f xdm remove

This will remove the xdm links in /etc/rc[2-5].d that point to the
/etc/init.d/xdm script. Then at a later date when you want xdm to start
back up, issue:

update-rc.d xdm defaults 99 01

> I have heard that in order to have a text console at login, you have to set
> the initdefault action to 3 in the file /etc/inittab. However, it is already
> set to 3, but Linux still is presenting me with the graphical login !

I think this pertains to RedHat.  Debian by default does not have a
non-X run-level.  I think a proposal has been submitted to have this
changed though.  If you want to you can just manually delete the S99xdm
symlink from /etc/rc2.d and have inittab us run-level 2 as the default.

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