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Re: XDM problems

Quoting Chris Flipse (flip@csh.rit.edu):
> Currenty running XFree86 using the s3v server.

Try using the SVGA server instead... it's supposed to be less buggy. From
what I've read, the s3v server will be going away in future anyway.

Having said that, I get intermittent crashes on exitting the X server too.
Were I feeling charitable, I would say the Virge hardware has a problem
switching back to text mode.

What you *can* do is use a 2.2 kernel with the Magic SysRq feature turned
on, and then you can kill processes, unmount your filesystems, sync and reboot
cleanly. Otherwise you're stuck with the wait-for-flush-then-press-RESET
lark, which is no fun at all.

Adam Rice -- wysiwyg@glympton.airtime.co.uk -- Blackburn, Lancashire, England

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