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Re: In potato: Gnome session mgmt vs WindowMaker-gnome session mgmt

"A.J. Rossini" wrote:
> Ok, I'm finally really annoyed.
> Is there a solution for disabling GNOME session management and using
> WindowMaker's (or Enlightenment's, though it's not quite what I want)
> session management?
> I'm posting to the debian lists, since I don't have time to bleed with
> a local install, and am and will continue to use the Potato
> .deb's. :-).
> Set up:
>         using gnome-session in the appropriate X startup file.
>         the window manager capplet points to the gnome-capable
>                 (according to the deb :-) WindowMaker binary.
>         I've got a few virtual workspaces, and windows/tools allocated
>         to them in a semi-sensible manner.
>         I exit the system from the gnome-panel.
> Now, the problem is, that I'm getting double the number of programs
> upon startup.  Some get placed in the appropriate desktop (I'm
> assuming WM is responsible for this ;-), and the rest are placed in
> the current screen (and I suspect GNOME, :-().
> This happens both when I use:
>         gnome-session --sm-disable
> So, what I'd like is for WM session management to work, and for GNOME
> to not do session management.
> Thoughts?
I ran into a similar problem with gnome as it wants to fire up the
Enlightenment WM when it is installed. I really do not want that to
happen. So, what I did was (using the Enlightment configurator for
Gnome) went in and selected the IceWM-Gnome window manager and set the
other defaults to what I wanted. I really don't know why this worked but
it did! I now have a great desktop that is completely integrated as it
uses both IceWM and Gnome session panel (at the top) so that I have all
of the options available from both. aparantly these are both being
managed by enlightenment. Wierd Huh!
John Foster
AdVance-Computing Systems

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