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SVGA server

    I 'm a newbie to linux, and have chosen Debian (slink?) as the
distribution that I will learn from.  My install was successful, and now
I have a long list of things to do:
    Configure XF86
    Configure PPP
    Rebuild and customize Kernel
    Upgrade to most recent dist.

Does this order of ops sound good, or should I rethink this strategy?
(I've been struggling with many details, and I see now Linux users are
no dummies)
I'm still stuck trying to configure XF86:
    When I try to select my video card (Trident GUI 9660) the Xf86Setup
says I need to be running /usr/X11R6/bin/XF86_SVGA, which isn't on my
sysstem.  /usr/X11R6/bin/XF86_VGA16 is there, not that is matters.
Where do I get XF86_SVGA.  Am I just missing the package?  I've tried
finding a package with that name using dselect (&CD ROM) with no luck.
What am I missing?

Paul Nesbit
Algonquin College
Computing Science / Computer Technology

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