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Re: Official CDROM images

Charlie Hedlin <charlie@hedlin.com> writes:

> I wanted to download the i386 and Alpha cdrom images, but do not seem to
> be able to connect to cdimage.debian.org (either http nor ftp).  These
> images don't seem to be on the standard ftp mirrors either. 

Have a look at http://cdimage.debian.org, and read it completely.

> previously done installs via ftp, but I need to take these with me on the
> road, and I don't have time to snail mail order disks.
> I have a complete binary tree of both dists, but I relized they won't fit
> outright on a CD, so I wanted to use the images.

Note that the images are a bit outdated. The Archive is said to be
"r2" will the images still are "r0" (there is no "r1" due to possible

New Images will be prepared when a "r3" is released (see mailing list
archive of debian-cd for reasoning).



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