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Debian hardware vendors

Does anyone know of a list of hardware vendors who are experienced in
installing Debian into the systems they package? Has anyone had good
experience they'd like to share? My recent experience has been so-so,
(although the complications aren't entirely due to the vendor's lack
of familiarity with Debian) so I thought I'd get some opinions. I'd
particularly like to know about how well the vendor communicated any
delays, complications, and ship dates.

What I'm looking for in a vendor is somone who is experienced enough
to know what hardware components work best with a linux system and can
support the hardware -- I don't need administration support.

Thanks in advance,


Judith E. Bush                                          jbush@fi.edu
The Franklin Institute Science Museum           New Media Specialist
222 N. 20th Street                                  1 (215) 448-1236
Philadelphia, PA 19103-1194 USA                    AOL IM judielaine

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