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Problem with a sound card OPL3-SAx


I am using debian slink 2.1

A few days ago, I decided to compile the new 2.2.9 kernel. Everything is fine,
except for my sound card. I have a OPL3-SAx card, for which a driver exists in
linux 2.2. But for some reason, when I use my sound card, the computer freezes
and I have no other choice but to reboot.

I have done a few tests regarding that, and I found out that the behaviour of
the computer varies according to the sample rate of the sound I try to play:
with a low sample rate (8190), there is no problem. With 11025, the computer
freezes sometimes, with 16000, it freezes after about 30 seconds, and with
22050, it freezes almost on the spot.

With the 2.0.36, the sound card was working well, and I was using the Window
Sound System Driver. With the new kernel, the WSS driver does not work for my
soundcard anymore without the OPL3-SAx module (it detects some IRQ conflict and
does not play any sound).

Has anyone already heard about such a problem? Does anyone has an idea of what
could cause my computer to freeze / what I could do to explore further this ?

Thank you

Raphaël Alla

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