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Re: Commercial mail client now free - source code availabl

They say:

 we will give free permanent licenses to anyone who requests
 one. Also, if you are interested in obtaining the source code for
 Ishmail, send us a request.

Sounds very non-free.  If they close down shop and leave it
non-redistributable like this, it will die a horrible death.


Phillip Deackes wrote:

> Hi. for some time now I have been using Ishmail on my Debian system.
> ishmail was a commercial email app, but I was willing to pay because I
> found it much better than anything else I could find.
> The Ishmail website (http://www.ishmail.com) is now announcing that
> Ishmail will no longer be developed and is effectively free. There is
> also an invitation to request the source code.
> I have posted to the gnu.misc newsgroup informing others of this state
> of affairs, and am mentioning it in this list because some users  have
> asked about good email clients. I am hoping someone with programming
> skills in the Linux community will take on board the source code and do
> something with it. Unfortuantely my programming skills are non-existant
> or I would have done it.
> The file you need to download is less than 1.5 MB and works great here.
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> Phillip Deackes
> gsmh@gmx.net
> Debian Linux (Potato) 
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