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Re: fetchmail problems

On Thu, May 20, 1999 at 09:10:03AM -0500, Marc Mongeon wrote:
> Make sure you have a line like this in your /etc/exim.conf:
> local_domains = localhost

Yup, I have that in my /etc/exim.conf

> And one like this in your /etc/hosts:
>		localhost

Mine actually looks like the following:	loopback localhost

...but that shouldn't make a difference, right?

Also, I read through the fetchmail FAQ, and searched the debian-user
list archives.  This problem seems to come up often, but all the
"standard" tricks for fixing it do not work for me.  :(

Thanks again!

Matt Garman, garman@students.uiuc.edu
"And though the window in the wall
 Come streaming in on sunlight wings
 A million bright ambassadors of morning." 
	--Pink Floyd, "Echoes"

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