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Re: Puzzling Problem with Parallel Port

Yup -- you're probably not used to this new parport thing that was introduced in 2.1 and now is in 2.2 --- but it needs to be compiled with the kernel --

Look it general options or something -- you need to enable parport devices -- then go to character devices and you'll be able to enable PC style parallel port.

It should automatically recognize your port as soon as you recompile and reboot!

Now if only I could get make-kpkg to work with 2.2.9 :(


At 06:49 PM 5/17/99 +0000, jeb wrote:
Linux doesn't recognize my parallel port.

The lp module is loaded.

ls > /dev/lp0 or /dev/lp1 both give the message "no such device".

I can use the parallel port from Windows 95, so the hardware is

Anything I should try?

The printer isn't anything exotic--just a plain 24 pin dot matrix
that is being asked to print ascii, which works find from DOS.

Any ideas would be appreciated. I'm running kernel version 2.2.7.


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