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Hi all,

Just installed Debian first time yesterday.  Must say its a great system when installed even it it gets very hairy during dselect.

The plan was a very basic installation that would dual boot with NT.  When that worked I would put the applications on and when that worked, I planned to install GNOME.

I am using the Slink release.

Steps 1 and 2 were relatively painless.  Everything went in and everything worksincluding even fetchmail for my pop3 account.

When I went back into dselect for GNOME, I selected some games and apps that required the whole GNOME setup to work. I opted for Configure lots of text flew past on the screen but nothing seems to have been installed.  Except the Gnome Terminal and a Hello World button on one of the OLWM menus.

Does anyone have any pointers on what's needed to set GNOME up as the default graphical shell?  There are no instructions for Debian users on the GNOME site.

All help appreciated!


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