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Re: FW: using a remote drive with taper

	Subject: FW: using a remote drive with taper
	Date: Fri, Apr 30, 1999 at 09:48:36PM -0700

In reply to:marmoset@l8r.net

Quoting marmoset@l8r.net(marmoset@l8r.net):
> System 1: 486 with scsi and a DAT
> System 2: K6 with no scsi :)
> Both are running latest potato and 2.2.x kernels.
> What I want to do is backup to the DAT from the K6, and I'd like to use
> taper. I can tar to user@486box:/dev/st0 or /dev/nst0 just fine, and from
> within taper I can do the various tape testing things, so I think that all
> the permissions and config stuff is fine.
> However, when I try to back up, it rewinds the user@486 drive, then errors out
> saying that the device is busy.  What I *think* is going on is that the DAT is
> ACK'ing to the rewind right away, and the K6 tries to start accessing it again
> before that rmt is actually done, so it thinks the drive is busy.
> Anyone have any ideas about how to fix this, or any guesses about something
> else that might be causing it?

I have not had the problem you discribe but have tried taper on both a
486DX/50 and 686MX/166 box using an  Adaptec 1520 and Symbios 53c810a
interface.  I was able to backup without a problem on both boxes but 
the restore never did work correctly.

I have recently downloaded the shareware version of ARKEIA, from Knox
software http://www.knox-software.com/downloadfree.html.  It works
like a champ and a real pleasure to use.  Nice thing about it is that
they suggest a $20 shareware fee and donate a portion of anything
above that to the Debian project.  

There was an article about this software in the April issue of The
Linux Journal.  I think the commercial version goes for > $200.


Nobody said computers were going to be polite.
Wayne T. Topa <wtopa@mindspring.com>

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