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Re: fvwm95 stuffed up - StartMenu gone

You could try a ~/.fvwm95rc (which ?would? overide the /etc one).  

The relavent sections of mine are:

AddToMenu /Debian
+ "Debian Menu" Title
# note I only use my own menus, you might want:
# Read /etc/<whatever>/menudefs.hook, for the autogenerated stuff
Read .fvwm95/menudefs.hook 
Read .fvwm95/main-menu.hook
AddToMenu /Debian
+ "" Nop
+ "Exit Fvwm" Popup Quit-Verify 
# quit verify is defined later 

# Then later:
#------------------ FvwmTaskBar
# some stuff
*FvwmTaskBarStartMenu /Debian
# This is probably where your problem is: you have /StartMenu where
# I have /Debian directly above, and no 'AddToMenu /StartMenu's

If you like, if this doesn't fix it, I can send you more details from my
config files, but I don't just want to dump them on this list.


Raymond A. Ingles wrote:
>  Since I upgraded to Debian 2.1, fvwm95 has been acting up. The
> FvwmButtons seem to be working okay, and the TaskBar shows up, but the
> StartMenu doesn't work. The button is there, and putting the mouse over it
> shows the "Click here to start" message, but clicking on it does nothing.
> When I exit the window manager, I get an error message saying that the
> StartMenu is undefined.
>  I've tried to copy the vanilla system.fvwm95rc and example.fvwm95rc out
> of /usr/doc/fvwm95/ to the places they go, but still no dice.
>  My wife is the one who uses Fvwm95, I tend to stick with Fvwm2, which is
> working okay. Using the Buttons panel, she's still able to fire up rxvt's
> and Netscape, and I've taught her to use ctrl-alt-backspace to kill X when
> she's done. Still, this is annoying, and I can't seem to fix it. Any FM I
> should R? Any suggestions, comments, sympathies?
>  Sincerely,
>  Ray Ingles       (248) 377-7735        ray.ingles@fanucrobotics.com
>  "C makes it easy to shoot yourself in the foot. C++ makes it harder,
>   but when you do you blow your whole leg off."  -  Bjarne Stroustrop
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