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Re: IRQ and PS/2

On Wed, 28 Apr 1999, Lazar Fleysher wrote:

> I have an older type pentium with AT-style board ( i think it is called
> that way, it has one 5-pin keyboard connector). I do not recall seeing

Tis indeed

> The motherboard itself has four pins sticking out and it says "PS/2
> mouse". So I thought, I could find some socket with 4 pins on one side and
> 6 on the other (a 6-pin PS mouse connector) and put the mouse on it. But
> I had never seen such adapters. Do they exist? (sounds like an
> academic-style question...) 

I *think* that is what mine is like... but I cant check... since the pc is
in a locked cupboard next to me :) (cant be bothered getting a key,
screwdriver etc...)
> I can not put a network card in because of that.  :(
> Have a mouse and a modem, 2-channel IDE, video, sound and a video capture
> card. That is it. NO IRQs left......... The only hope is this IRQ12....
> business.

I changed to PS/2 to free up a serial IRQ... lets me use my terminal when
I am connected to the net now :)

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