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Re: IRQ and PS/2

> Hi everybody,
> I have run out of IRQs..... 
> Well, actually I have one left (IRQ12), but it is reserved for PS/2 bus.
> I do not have a manual for my motherboard, so I do not know how to disable
> the ps/2 bus. I have a regular serial mouse and AT-type (5-pin) keyboard. 
> The motherboard also has something called PS/2 mouse header pins. So I
> thought, since I can not disable the ps/2 bus (no manual) I could connect
> somehow a PS-mouse to the computer and free an IRQ from a serial port. 
> Could some one suggest how to connect the mouse to these pins, if it is
> possilble. Where can I get the correct adapter?

Each motherboard has a mouse "dongle".  Some are 5 pins, some are more and
less.  My via motherboard gives me fits whenever I hook a ps/2 mouse to it.
The mouse runs to the top of the screen and acts funny.

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