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Re: network card problem

Jonathan P Tomer wrote:
> i'm installing two new pcs at work, one with solaris x86 and one with debian
> so that i can show my employer how much nicer debian is. unfortunately
> there is one major problem: the hamm cd i have is not successfully detecting
> the ne2k (well, encore enl832tx, which has a realtek chipset according to
> the tech support guy) pci 10/100 ethernet card on the machine. i've read the
> ethernet-howto and disabled pnp support in the bios in case it was causing
> problems, but i can't directly disable pnp on the card. solaris did detect
> it fine. any ideas as to how to get this working?
With cards I've seen (not this specific one), there's usually an
installation/diagnostic floppy that comes with the card that has a
program that will let you disable PNP (changes the EPROM, I reckon). 
You may have to boot from the floppy, or run the relevant program from
Windows or DOS.

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