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wdm + WindowMaker 0.53 sorrow

Hi all:

WM 0.53 refused to run with old libwraster1 package present on my
system. wdm depended on it, so I had to uninstall wdm. I replaced it
for Login.app.

I don't like the Login.app because of its lack of functionality. I
want wdm back. I tried installing libwraster2 package from Potato, but 
wdm package won't install (and the one from Potato won't install
either, because it needs glibc2.1). I can't compile wdm myself either, 
it complains that WINGs and wraster libs are not found.

Is there a way out?

Arcady Genkin
"I opened up my wallet, and it's full of blood..." - GsYDE

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