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Re: getting WP to run in Potato

On Mon, 26 Apr 1999, Chris wrote:
> Hi.  After much struggle getting the file itself, I've finally
> installed WP 8.  Unforunately, I am having some trouble with it.  When
> I first installed it, the program refused to find the library
> libXpm.so.4 even though that exact file was in /usr/X11R6/lib, a
> directory which is (of course) in my ld.so.conf.  So, to remedy this, I
> made a symbolic link (with the same name, of course) to /usr/lib.  Now
> the program segfaults :-p  I made a stacktrace, but I can't really
> understand what's going on...  If anyone's interested in seeing it, let
> me know.  I am running a mostly potatofied Debian system with a 2.2.6
> kernel on a K6-2 450 system with 128 MB RAM.  Suggestions are very
> welcome.

The problem might me that you have a libc6 version of libXpm.
Look in the oldlibs section of potato and install libXpm from
oldlibs, this will be a libc5 version.

You can find out against which libraries wp is linked by
typing: 'ldd /path/to/wp'.

> -Chris


Joop Stakenborg PA4TU

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