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Re: debian 2.1 installation

wolfgang zeikat wrote:
> hi,
> i am new on this busy list and fairly new to linux.
> when trying to install netscape from the debian 2.1 CD
> 5/5 via dselect i got errors that files were not found
> where dselect had expected them. how do i find and
> copy them to where dselect wants them (mc is
> installed)?

Can you post the filenames of the files that are reported missing?  Were
you installing the netscape installer (netscape4_4.0-15) or some of the
other netscape packages? I've never installed netscape fromany of the
binary deb packages. I've always used the binary tgz files downloaded
from netscape's ftp site, then used the installer to install.

I have a cable modem now, so I mostly just use the CDs to get a base
system going, then install whatever else I want via ftp. I remember that
before the cable modem, I had to rely o the CDs for the complete
installtion. Installing netscape was a little clumsy, because I could
only mount one CD at a time. 

What I would do is make sure to have the netscape tgz in the /tmp
directory and try to install netscape 4. If I was missing anything, it
would tell me. Oh, also make sure you have the right version of netscape
(libc5 v. glibc).

Come to think of it (I don't know the sizes of the libs right off hand)
but you might want to install using apt-get install netscape4. Any files
that you need will be installed automatically. Be prepeared to wait out
the download though, although like I said I don't remember how long it
will be.

> and i couldnt find KDE on all the 5 CD's so far via
> dselect ...

I can't help you there. Debian doesn't have KDE in it, so addition of
KDE is done on a CD vendor basis. Are you sure that your CDs are
supposed to have KDE on them? You can always get them from kde.org

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