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Re: debian 2.1 installation

Am Son, 25 Apr 1999 schrieb wolfgang zeikat:
> hi,
> i am new on this busy list and fairly new to linux.
> when trying to install netscape from the debian 2.1 CD
> 5/5 via dselect i got errors that files were not found
> where dselect had expected them. how do i find and
> copy them to where dselect wants them (mc is
> installed)?
> and i couldnt find KDE on all the 5 CD's so far via
> dselect ...
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Yesterday I started with SLINK (before I used the DLD distributions based on
RedHat) therefor I'm not familiar with the Debian tools.

KDE I found on disk 5/5. I had to mount the cdrom manualy and installed the
KDE-packages with dpkg. Disk 5/5 is here called "Contrib - Disk".
Additional packages were necessary : libtiff3g, libungif3g, gddb

Maybe someone knows a more clever way to do it.
Michael Steiner, Minorgasse 35, A-1140 Wien, Austria

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