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Re: Debian Menu under Unstable Gnome

On Fri, Apr 23, 1999 at 12:15:39PM -0500, The Doctor What was heard to say:
> I mean unstable as in Debian version unstable.  Gnome is the phase 2 stuff
> from a debian`ers website on master.debian someplace (I don't have the URL
> handy).
> The debian menu appears empty under Gnome (and hence under Enlightenment).
> This is annoying, but I assumed that it was a growing pain type problem
> that would be addressed in future .debs.  However, I saw a post on the
> gnome list saying how great the menu's worked.
> If someone can tell me what info would help these mailing lists (gnome and
> debian) trouble shoot this problem, I will collect it.  I am (alas)
> unfamiliar with where the debian/gnome menus are kept and maintianed.
> Thanks for helping me.
> Ciao!

  I can't think of any obvious reason for this, but you can manually try to
figure out what's going on by looking in /usr/share/gnome.  There should be
a directory here, apps/, which contains the Gnome menus.  Under apps/, there
should be a symlink Debian/, which points to the Debian menus build by
menu-methods (/var/lib/gnome/Debian on my system).  Also, you have to enable
Debian menus from the Properties dialog of the foot button (I assume you did
that already, though, or you wouldn't even have an empty Debian menu)

  I'm not sure what the problem is beyond that.  Someone else might have more


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