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Lotus Notes apps???

I know this is slightly off topic, but. . .
I was recently asked by one of the top men in our network division if I knew of
any apps to work with Lotus Notes. We use Lotus Notes 4.5 here for basic E-Mail
and other functions. I'm no Linux Guru, I'm just a newbie, but I've been pushing
Linux here for quite a while. It now seems that I've made a point here. He said
he had a look at Lotus' site, and they say that work is in progress. I was just
wondering if anyone knew of anything that could be used. I'm just a simple
'point-N-click' type user myself at the moment, I know nothing about setting up
E-Mail or other network type things. But, if I had some pointers I could pass
on, I could let the powers that be figure out how to use them. Thanks for any
information you may provide.


     John Gay

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