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Re: mounting floppy disk


"Jens B. Jorgensen":
> > This would seem to indicate your kernel lacks floppy drive support!?
> > What do you get from: 'cat /proc/devices | grep fd'?

Daniel González Gasull:
> Nothing.  :-( Here is my /proc/devices:
> ---begin quoted text---
> Character devices:
> Block devices:
>  3 ide0
> ---end quoted text---
> Please help.  TIA.

In the block devices, you need a line that starts with 2 (that's the same 2
you see when you do "ls -l /dev/fd0").

If you've recompiled your kernel recently, you probably forgot to include
floppy disk support. Just do "make config" again, and confirm everything
with Enter except answer "y" or "m" to the question about floppy disks.
Then recompile (make dep; make clean; ...).

(The option is called BLK_DEV_FD or "Normal floppy disk support".)

Alternatively, if you did answer "m", check that the module is being

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