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Re: HELP! All SCSI, no is09660 fs

On Wed, 14 Apr 1999, David B.Teague wrote:

> On Tue, 13 Apr 1999, ktb wrote:
> > > How do  I force cause the kernel's  make config  to offer
> > > me an iso9660 file system? Or how do I hack the .config to get
> > > that fs?
> > 
> > If your looking for iso9660 I think you enable that under "File
> > systems."  At least in 'make xconfig'  if I remember correctly.  
> > 
> Hi kent
> Thanks for the  reply. I did indeed look at file systems, and
> was offered minix, ext2, but NOT iso9660. I ran make config
> and make menuconfig, neither of which offer iso9660. The code
> is in the kernel, I found and looked at it. 
> Can you help the problem?
> David

I've just looked through my configuration on a 2.2.1 system and I couldn't
get the ISO 9660 option to go away. I tried turning on every SCSI thing I
could think of and a few other things as well. What version are you
compiling? You are looking under "Filesystems" for "ISO 9660 CDROM file
system support"? Under the "Filesystems" option, there's "Quota support",
then "Kernel automounter support", then "Amiga...", "Apple Mac...", "DOS
FAT...", "MSDOS...", "UMSDOS", "VFAT", then "ISO 9660 CDROM...".

Kent West
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