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Re: HELP! All SCSI, no is09660 fs

	Subject: Re: HELP!  All SCSI, no is09660 fs
	Date: Wed, Apr 14, 1999 at 12:56:34PM -0400

In reply to:David B.Teague

Quoting David B.Teague(dbt@cs.wcu.edu):
> On Tue, 13 Apr 1999, ktb wrote:
> > > How do  I force cause the kernel's  make config  to offer
> > > me an iso9660 file system? Or how do I hack the .config to get
> > > that fs?
> > 
> > If your looking for iso9660 I think you enable that under "File
> > systems."  At least in 'make xconfig'  if I remember correctly.  
> > 
> Hi kent
> Thanks for the  reply. I did indeed look at file systems, and
> was offered minix, ext2, but NOT iso9660. I ran make config
> and make menuconfig, neither of which offer iso9660. The code
> is in the kernel, I found and looked at it. 
> Can you help the problem?
> David

# Filesystems
# CONFIG_QUOTA is not set
# CONFIG_AUTOFS_FS is not set
# CONFIG_ADFS_FS is not set
# CONFIG_AFFS_FS is not set
# CONFIG_HFS_FS is not set
CONFIG_ISO9660_FS=m		<----------------------<<<<<<<<
# CONFIG_MINIX_FS is not set
# CONFIG_NTFS_FS is not set
# CONFIG_HPFS_FS is not set
# CONFIG_QNX4FS_FS is not set
# CONFIG_ROMFS_FS is not set
# CONFIG_SYSV_FS is not set
# CONFIG_UFS_FS is not set

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