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Re: YAMAHA-OPL3SA3 - ohh ... the last time !

Piotr Domagalski <pdomagal@kk.kalisz.pl> writes:

> Hi again !
> Ok I'm posting letter about that card the last time but I want to know a
> few things :
> I have 2.0.36 and don't want to upgrade to any other till potato will be
> stable. I want to use OPL3SA3. My distribution is Slink. 
> How can I use this card ? I want clean answer 'cos I'm tired of trying to
> run this card.
> ALSA ? Are there any other ways ? If not, should I use the newest ALSA,
> these from potato ?
> OK I thing you'll answer so ... so I tried the newes ALSA from potato but
> when compiling it I got :
> checking for kernel version... expr: syntax error
> expr: syntax error
> expr: syntax error
> failed (probably missing /usr/src/linux/include/linux/version.h)
> make: *** [config] Error 1
> And one more ... If I wanted to compile it by make-kpkg how can I add any
> options to configure script (for example --with-isapnp=yes) ?

Don't try to compile, get the binaries directly from alsa.jcu.cz !


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