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Re: Document processing? (TeX/SGML?)

On %M 0, Jeff Noxon wrote
> I'm looking for the best tool to create a professional-looking document
> once, and then render it in the following formats:
> Postscript

I had a very similar requirement a while ago.  I used docbook + jade + jadetex
to produce large, technical documents (20-80 pages) in postscript, HTML,
and RTF.  Modulo a few oddities, I got a consistent and clean look in each
format, from a single set of source documents.  I'm not sure where you stand 
regarding .pdf, but if you can make it from tex or postscript then you're set.

> I'm not concerned so much about a learning curve as I am about flexibility
> and results.  Microsoft Word and other GUI-based products drive me nuts
> because they don't give me the control (or stability) I need.
> What tools can tackle this kind of chore and what are their relative
> merits?  Should I be looking at TeX or SGML tools?  Or should I just stick
> with plain HTML?
> Naturally, the tools I use should be free and available as part of Debian.

When I did it it was all Debian.  Xemacs+psgml is a really neat environment
for exploring SGML, in my opinion.

John P.
"Oh - I - you know - my job is to fear everything." - Bill Gates in Denmark

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