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Re: setting up DNS

Lev Lvovsky wrote:

> At Sunday 05:03 PM 4/11/99 , dyer wrote:
> >Lev Lvovsky wrote:
> >
> >
> >> my ADSL provider is mminternet.com, and my address is
> >> silver168.mminternet.com (the IP is listed above).
> >
> >You've answered your own question here.... mminternet.com _is_ the domain,
> >silver168
> >is only a machine on the domain. You don't register each machine.
> hrm, maybe there's still something that i'm missing...let's say I want to
> register www.linuxnewbie.com (just an example), and have it point to my
> machine (silver168).  The ADSL provider provides me with a static IP, so I
> figured this'd be possible (plus a friend of mine with the same setup did
> it)...

Oh, I gotcha now. You should be able to register linuxnewbie.com (not
www.linuxnewbie.com)   with your IP address. Set up named (bind) and alias your
machine to be www. (or ftp, etc...)

> >you don't _need_ to be a dns server. ( You can install bind)  BTW, I just
> >pinged your
> >box, and got a reply. YOur'e good to go.  :-)
> hehe, I should hope you'd be able to ping the machine, it's my mail server
> ;).  Cool, I just found bind (was using DNS as a search string).
> thanks :)
> -lev
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