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Re: Netscape bookmark management

At 2:17pm on Sun, 11 Apr 1999, j.okell@virgin.net wrote:
JO> I run Netscape both at work and at home.  From time to time I add some sites
JO> to the bookmarks list at home and others to the list at work.  How can I
JO> transfer the added sites, and only the added sites, from one list to the
JO> other?

As far as I know, Netscape does not have the features you are asking
about. I had a similar problem - bookmarks at work, home, and on my
laptop all getting out of sync...

I tried a few of the free online bookmark sites. These sites let you
store your bookmarks on their site - you can then access them through
a web interface from any browser. These worked fairly well, but were
often to slow and the pages loaded with too many graphics and ads for
my tastes.

I decided to write my own web based bookmark manager, bookmarker. It
is written in PHP using the PHPLIB class library.

More info on bookmarker as well as a list of free bookmark sites on
the web that I am aware of is at http://renaghan.com/bookmarker/

Padraic Renaghan <padraic@renaghan.com>
Publisher of the clicked and the read ezine
For a sample issue send a  blank e-mail to 
check out bookmarker - a GPL Web based 
bookmark management tool written in PHP/ MySQL

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